Material : pencil, paper

Location : City Gallery, Saint John, New Brunswick, 2006

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Description : Roll of paper filled in with pencil

Detailed Description : ‘Mark’ is defined by the size of the graphite stick, the dimensions of the paper role and my physical/mental endurance. For instance by filling in a roll of paper measuring thirty feet by forty-two inches with graphite sticks, not only does the end result become of interest but the activity of filling in the paper is also a focal point. Further to duration, o complete mark it took one and a half years, because of the length of time and physical/mental restrictions a schedule had to be followed so that the drawing could be completed. When we the introduction of myself (or the body) to the activity, duration and scale are impacted by psychologically and physically. The time frame of the activity can be linear (within a particular set of conceptual deadlines) or based on the length the time it takes to complete a particular task. Thus, the drawing is a result of said constraints.

Statement for exhibition ‘body/marks’, 2006. By Jason Fitzpatrick.