i love you.

Material : posters, photograph

Location : The Ministry of Casual living, Victoria BC, 2005

gallery view

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Description : Project ‘iloveyou’ consists of three components: one is a photograph designed for gallery presentation. The second component is a set of posters displaying an altered version of the photograph. The poster component of the project is distributed throughout the outlying area displaying the photograph. The third component is distributing the posters through venues that sell artist multiples. For example, Art Metropole (Toronto ON) and Studio 16 1/2 (Victoria BC) carry the posters.

Detailed Description : The digital image is of a tattoo reproduction of a portion of the Albrecht Dürer etching “Knight, Death and Devil”; an additional tattoo artist added text at a latter time. This collaborative tattoo was then photographed and digitized producing a full colour digital print. From this image the poster was then produced and made available in an unlimited number.