bite and burn; encore.

Material : action, action residue, video, copper, pink insulation, drywall, cotton, paper, Realizer

Location : MSVU Art Gallery, Halifax Nova Scotia, 2009

armouring stage

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Description : Components : bomber, armouring, bite and burn (pacific, atlantic, central) prints, horde

Detailed Description : Project ‘bite and burn; encore’ carries on my ongoing exploration in expanding and challenging what defines sculpture. ‘Bite and burn; encore’ has evolved from the project ‘bite and burn (central, pacific, atlantic)’, which began in 2004 and occurred in three chosen institutions located in particular geographical regions: Open Studio in Toronto ON (central) 2006, Vancouver BC at grunt Gallery (pacific) 2006, and Sackville NB at STRUTS Gallery (atlantic) 2007. The key formal components of ‘bite and burn (central, pacific, atlantic)’ included: printmaking, my body, music, tattooing, and architecture. An action consisting of these elements took place once in each gallery/region, each completing one third of the tattoo, one third of a set of prints thus one third of the total sculpture. In the sculpture ‘bite and burn (central, pacific, atlantic)’ the use of my ‘body’ directly in the work emphasizes my personal history as well as establishes a direct discourse with ‘rite of passage’ rituals within the culture of tattooing and music. It was from these investigations that the project ‘bite and burn; encore’ gestated and evolved. ‘Bite and burn; encore’ furthers my investigations by merging specific art historical references with both tattoo and Heavy Metal cultures. Utilizing the formal relationships of tattooing, and the strategies of conceptual printmaking of the 60s-70s (NSCAD Lithography Workshops 1960-1980).

Bite and Burn encore Review, By Lizzy Hill

Bite and burn encore review, by Lizzy Hill

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