bite and burn (atlantic) ‘objects’.

Material : pink insulation, drywall

Location: Struts Gallery, Sackville New Brunswick, 2007


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Description : objects constructed from residue of main structure of bite and burn

Detailed Description :During the last action of Bite and Burn at STRUTS Gallery, the idea for a new body of work struck me. After the architectural element for Bite and Burn was built I had some material left over, an idea hit me and I asked the curator if I could try this new idea using the material to construct another piece for the exhibition and display it an adjoining gallery. The work was labeled “untitled” and included in the STRUTS exhibition.
At the time (2007) I felt “Untitled” was a mere sample of what could be done.

The architectural element that I built for Bite and Burn was a fabricated structure (room) within the space of the gallery; this structure measured 12 by 8 feet with no ceiling or door. The structure was fabricated using standard two by fours, pink insulation and regular gypsum board (half inch); the exterior of the structure was exposed insulation. It is from the material of this structure that the idea for my new project was born – I was inspired by the pink insulation and regular gypsum board as a material that would form the basis for a sculpture built under a post-minimalist influence.