Presently my research/projects are primarily in the area of sculpture and drawing with interest in interventions, actions, performance, video, collaboration and sites of art production.

My projects are directed by a process based practice. I am interested in sculpture becoming decentralized, not limited to a static form but the transformation of form. In my projects the processes/lineage are exposed, what I am interested in is the embodiment of several interrelated elements that are combined to create a time-based/multi facetted action that is not limited to a particular material or method of production. It is the in between of events that creates interest for me, not the spectacle.

In my projects the body is a beginning, used as a point of departure: my height, weight, strength, mental capacity, sexuality, gender, biography and endurance are utilized as material to establish the initial context in which I work. I am interested in juxtaposing my academic investigations against my biographical involvement with physical labour, class systems and North American culture. Philosophically I align my thinking with phenomenology and consider the projects I undertake to be spiritually and socially motivated.

A key component of my research/practice is to understand that product of sculpture/drawing cannot be separated from its condition. If the product of sculpture is the residue of complex exploration.

Some elements of these strategies would include thought form, plastik, energy exchange, mass, and ritual. . In this vein, I have employed process-based art practices that use strategies of sculpture within the context of contemporary informed materials – materials being an open-ended opportunity in that “material” should be defined not just as what is treated as traditional materials (e.g. stone, wood, etc.), rather “material” is also, by way of example, time, body, gender, performance etc.