seven roses, Lucy, John Doe and Sartre are examples of works that use my body as material and as a site of transformation. The body is used as a reference; my height, weight, strength, mental capacity and endurance are tools for making. Tattooing is an activity that leaves a residue to remind the self of occupying the body – the body as mind/mind as body. My body is the beginning for these works, a predetermined reference point for creative impetus.

Works such as seven roses, Lucy, John Doe and Sartre were created using the body as a tool for transforming and shaping the material in these works. The length, weight and diameter of the works are limited to a reasonable size yet at the same time creating a tension of my physical/intellectual capacities. The actions involved in the works, [folding, pilling (addition) Tattooing (marking), rolling (condensing) and unrolling (expansion)], are configured around manageable parameters of my body. The work’s material qualities (weight, mass, measure and density) are in relation to my body and start from the limitations of the body’s physical, and therefore conceptual restrictions. The development of these works is symbiotic with the development of my being: change as I change, morph as I morph. I would describe this as a behavioral space fusion. The work under these circumstances keeps moving and developing even after an exhibition or an action. Sculpture is decentralized under these conditions by expanding into the processes and lineage of the work.

The connection to the body becomes a framework of identification and a link to the energies of building. It is important to recognize the use of my physical presence in the work as a means for the viewer to identify with the production of the objects. Through identifying with my body, the work loses an inaccessible front; simply put, the viewers can conceive of the possibility of producing the work themselves.

More and more I am interested in the condition of being in the world, the body placed within time, space and material. I am fascinated with the ability to relate to, and at the same time being separate from, the condition of being.