Lizzy Hill

Jason Fitzpatrick’s fresh blood and tattoo ink transformed into prints at MSVU Art Gallery.

An odd assortment of metal-heads, indie-kids and the old-guard gallery crowd came together last Saturday in the spirit of morbid curiosity, voyeurism and artistic enlightenment.

A hushed silence and palpable air of tension fell over this group of over 50 people, who jam packed around a small stage at Mount Saint Vincent Gallery for the opening night of Jason Fitzpatrick’s Bite and Burn Encore. All eyes fell upon artist Amber Thorpe, as she tattooed a solid bar on Fitzpatrick’s chest, and printmaker Dax Morrison, who took impressions on paper of the fresh blood and ink.

Part of the excitement arose from the fact that the exhibition contained elements of danger. The stage upon which Thorpe tattooed Fitzpatrick was so shaky that when I tried to balance my beer on it, it spilled a bit. Also, a clumsy patron could have eas