statement: 557.

“557” is my current project scheduled for Diagonale Center des arts des fibres in September 2010 (Montreal). The project’s history comes from time based works that hinge on the transformational quality/potential of sculpture. “557” was first realized in Ontario under the title “Lucy”. After adding a few elements the project went to Calgary and was executed for twelve days, it was after the Calgary exhibition that the title “TNG 557” was implemented. For the exhibition in Montreal the project will be called “557”.

“557” includes seven copper rods, seven steel rods, wax block, seven units of canvas and a crate of dulse. These items will be delivered to the gallery at which time I will proceed to respond to the architectural and environmental aspects of the gallery space. My intent is to explore the phenomenological relationship of the presented material in respect to the gallery and it’s constitutes. Additional material maybe added to the list mentioned above. The addition of material allows me to transfer the work from space to space while responding to specific concerns that arise from the work as it unfolds.

“557” is continually changing, I consider exhibiting the work as a source of sharing the present form of the project and also as the primary means for the project to be activated and transformed. I use the gallery as a means to explore the possibility of the given material within the format of sculpture. The gallery is considered as a ‘station’ in the project, a place of energy exchange.

The activation of the work will take place during gallery hours between September 11 and September 18 2010. After the allotted time  “557“ will remain in a static state and be removed at the end of the scheduled exhibition October 9 2010. In order for the project to activated “557” requires my direct involvement during the time the project is at the gallery, however a video compilation of the action as it took place along with the material involved in the exhibition will remain between September 19-October 9 2010.

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