Material : solid copper, cotton

Location : MSVU Art Gallery, HAlifax Nova Scotia, 2009

front view

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Description: Component of bite and burn; encore.

Detailed Description : Constructed from solid copper rack hanging 94 long sleeved ‘tour’ shirts. These shirts are based on a style found in Death Metal culture and  boasts dates, locations (galleries) and logos of institutions that supported the project ‘Bite and Burn (central, pacific, atlantic)’. An exact copy of the tattoo produced during ‘Bite and Burn (central, pacific, atlantic)’ is on the back and a full colour image adorns the front, with the title “bite and burn”.

Detailed Description : In this work, I relied on the aesthetic qualities of the Pink Fiberglass insulation for producing horde. Using a close-up image of the insulation I relied on its resemblance to exposed ‘muscle’ tissue to create the design for the long-sleeve shirts that make up the visual component of horde. This design was intended to adhere to and faithfully reproduce the cultural aesthetic typical of death-metal tour-shirts produced in the 1980s and early ‘90s. In these works I was investigating the rituals, energies, sexuality, objects and aesthetics of the sub-culture of death-metal, punk and hard-core set within the context of contemporary art practices